Fernanda de Icaza

Born in 1993, Fernanda De Icaza is a Mexican photographer trained at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía (Mexico City).

At the same time, she followed specializations in photographic portraiture, film language, and documentary production. These complementary approaches have allowed her to define her artistic practice both professionally and personally.

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Ciudad Utopia


Attracted by the artistic documentation of different creative processes, she develops a digital practice oriented towards archiving. Fernanda de Icaza places at the heart of her practice the process and what is transmitted at the end, leaving the register of the immediate to other artists. She sees herself spending years on the same subject, in order to document everything and leave her mark. As a photographer conscious of human subjectivity, she incorporates her own perception of the world into each work and each project.


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Fernanda de Icaza

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